Lives of children across the globe

These images have all been shortlisted for the prestigious 2017 Sony World Photography Awards.

In Guizhou, China, this little boy’s parents are busy harvesting as his 90-year-old grandmother takes a quick break to enjoy a tender moment with him.

This photo was taken at a cemetery in Manila, the Philippines, where a community of homeless people live, including this child who has found a balloon to play with among the unclaimed bones and bodies.

Li was admitted to the Changchun weight loss centre last year where he undergoes traditional Chinese treatments including fire therapy, pictured, which involves burning a mixture of ingredients on a cloth over his stomach.

In Mumbai, India, a little girl undergoes a Navjote, a ceremony similar to baptism which welcomes her into the Zoroastrian religion – one of the oldest on Earth. It means she’ll never be allowed to marry outside of it.

Taha Sirhan (right), 11, carries the Iraqi flag through burned out oil fields in the city of Qayyarah south east of Mosul in Iraq. His father was killed by ISIS during their occupation because he was working for the Iraqi police.

Twin sisters Liu Bingqing and Liu Yujie go through rigorous gymnastics training at a Chinese sports school in Jining, Shandong province, where they have studied and trained since they were infants.

When photographer Mohamed Roushdy El dor took this portrait in Cairo, Egypt, he asked the sad boy to smile, but he said he ‘couldn’t’.

a small child in Togo, West Africa, with fresh wounds which will turn into scars, typical markings of the Soma tribe.

In Senegal, a young girl clings to the edge of a bus window with a strained expression on her face as the photographer shoots from above.

A nine-year-old girl called Syuzanna takes shelter in the shell of a dilapidated car outside the abandoned building she lives in, in Gymri, Armenia, where the poverty rate is 47 per cent.

In GouLingYu, Gansu province, this girl is just one of 61 million ‘left-behind’ children in China’s rural areas whose parents have left them to move into the city. This girl says her mother ‘ran away’ from her when she was six months old.

In the jungle of Sumatra Barat, Indonesia, children share a joke with an elder of the Mentawai Tribe on Mentawai Island

A Bedouin boy in Oman poses with his father’s rifle. ‘He is still too young to use it,’ explains photographer Mark Languido Vicente, ‘but here, he is tasked to hold it in a safe position while his father receives guests’

A young boy pictured clutching two guns in the Honduran city of Rivera Hernandez, where according to the photographer, five warring gangs result in three dead bodies a day.

A boy in Nakhon si Thammarat, South Thailand, rests his weary head on a buffalo in the mists of the early morning.

Pier Mane captured this indigenous tribe of the Solomon islands. He said of the image: ‘It seems kids learn to paddle before they walk’