Creepiest true events in recorded history

Creepy stories for your entertainment!

Delphine LaLaurie


The story of Delphine LaLaurie is still one of the most horrifying and unnerving things that comes to mind when we’re talking about shit that actually happened. She was a socialite in Louisiana who tortured and maimed her slaves. One day a house fire was started by one of her slave cooks who she had chained to a stove. The slave later said she started the fire as a way to kill herself. When police entered the house following the fire, they found slaves who were maimed due to all kinds of horrific experiments LaLaurie had been doing on them. People had their limbs removed and re-attached and stuff like that. Reportedly, some of them even begged to be killed. She was never caught.

Fun Fact: Even with all its horrible history, Nicholas Cage bought and owned the LaLaurie house for a few years.

Sea Peoples


They were supposedly raiders around 3,000 years ago who used the Mediterranean to attack coastal settlements and in some cases advanced cultures such as the Egyptians. For almost a century they were the most feared naval force in the region and it’s been speculated that they had a hand in the fall of several major civilizations including the Hittites. No one has been able to say with a credible degree of accuracy who they were or where they came from. Then they just kind of disappeared. One of the creepiest quotes about them comes from a translated artifact of the day: “No land could stand before their arms”.

Dancing Plague of 1518


For some odd reason a woman by the name of Troffea began dancing in Strasbourg….then so did everyone else. This dance became contagious spreading to over 400 people and I’m not talking a middle-school slow dance, I’m talking a full on violent convulsions and they couldn’t stop. Some of the afflicted even died of exhaustion and heart attacks. It was pretty well documented as well by the local authorities, doctors, and church officials. Then it stopped after a month. Some people believe it was an outbreak of religious ecstasy

The Josef Fritzl case


He took his own daughter captive and over the course of 24 years he allegedly raped her over 3000 times, which resulted in 7 child births. 6 of the children are alive today. Rape, torture, incest, inbreeding.

Genie the feral child


“Genie was born in 1957, and only 20 months old when her father Clark Wiley who, thinking she was mentally retarded, locked her up in one of the family’s bedrooms. The room was located at the back of the house. The windows were covered with aluminum foil to keep the sunlight and nosy neighbors out, and the only furnishings consisted of a cage with a chicken-wire lid and a child’s potty chair. For nearly 11 years, she suffered at the hands of her sadistic father, locked to that chair with a homemade strapping device and hit with a “one-by-three-foot board” each time she made a noise.” She wasn’t able to speak, made animal noises, wasn’t able to walk.

The Original Night Stalker


The East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker. The recording is creepy enough. But also knowing he most likely was on or around his victims property days leading up to his crimes and watching and learning these people unknown to them. No one was ever found guilty.Apparently, at a community meeting a man spoke out and said he doubted the night stalker was real because he couldn’t believe that a single man could restrain both a husband and wife without a struggle. Fast forward a few weeks, and that man is the next victim. Meaning the stalker was at the meeting that night and followed him home.He challenged the stalker to come and rape his wife, which he did.