Kids Who Take Instructions Too Literally

These kids took instructions too literally and made things look hilarious. 

“This isn’t exactly what we meant when we told him that he could look up puppy training tips on Youtube”

“In his defense, I did say to put these in the bathroom. There is nothing like having a literal 2nd grader living in your house”

“My kid said I gave her too many grapes. I said just eat half of them”

“2nd graders homework. My friend’s awesome 6 year old son is Autistic and takes instructions literally”

Toddler was asked to feed the cat

Future Lawyer? Was told he couldn’t go outside

“We told our 3yr old that New Years is special because you get to toast to a New Year. A few hours later she said “Are we gonna make toast now?!” And thus a new years day tradition was born”

“Not exactly what I had in mind when I told my son it was too nice out to play games inside”

“I told my 2 year old to put her shoes by the front door”

Kid is going places

“I asked my son to use chopsticks at a Japanese restaurant. This is how he used them for the soup”

“I asked the kids not to eat all of the strawberries… Hey, at least they listen!”

“I told my 5 year old son that, if he could blow it up, he could jump it”

One of them finally cracked the Code

This smart kid

Taking his homework directions literally