Rare And Amazing Historical Photos

Another cool collection of historical photographs. 

A grandfather teaches his grandson how to walk at Manzanar Japanese-American internment camp, 1942. Photograph by Dorothea Lange.

Wedding rings of Holocaust victims, near the Buchenwald concentration camp, 1945.

A man with a Punt Gun, a type of large shotgun used for duck hunting. It could kill over 50 birds at once and was banned in the late 1860s.

Charlie Chaplin in front of Federal Hall on Wall Street, 1918.

James Dean attending a dance class. NYC, 1955. Photograph by Dennis Stock.

Grand Central Terminal, New Years Eve, 1969. Photograph by Leonard Freed.

An American soldier at an advanced allied base, with a kangaroo. 1942. Photograph by John Earl McNeil.

The very first Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, NYC 1931. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is visible in the background on Fifth Avenue.

$5 Silver Certificate, 1899. The only US banknote with a Native American Indian Chief on it.

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson at Harvard, late 1970s.

Western Union messengers leaving the White House on Dec. 7, 1941, day of Pearl Harbor attack. Photograph by Thomas D. Mcavoy. — at Pearl Harbor.

21-year-old Second Lieutenant Winston Churchill of the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars, 1895.

A 20-year-old Leo Tolstoy, 1848.