Bizarre Animals Facts

Cool and interesting animals facts.


Horn sharks make egg cases that look like huge corkscrews to protect her offspring. She fixes the corkscrew eggs into rocks to make it hard for predators to get at them.


Researchers at Penn States University have found that pigs can play video games using joystick and excel at it. They were said to enjoy it so much they’d beg to play.


Elephants are often bisexual creatures. Almost 45% of their sexual activity happens between the same sex.


Black Panthers, jaguars, leopards and cougars are actually the same species of animals. Black Panthers are black due to Melanism, the development of dark pigmentation.


Lobsters never age. The only common reasons for their death are being food for humans, parasites and growing too large.


The blood of starfishes is just filtered seawater. They have no brains and their nervous system is spread through their arms.


A chunk six pound whale vomit has sold for more than $150,000. It has huge demand and is used in the manufacturing of high-end perfumes.


After ingesting opium poppies, Australian wallabies have made crop circles in the field grown for medicine.


An estimated one third of all sex among ducks is forced sex. It is so prevalent that the females’ genitals are evolving to counter it.


An elephant in Corbett National Park, India, was so smitten by a lizard that she played with it and took it along with her for a few days.


The “World’s Ugliest Animal” blobfish looks ugly when out of water because of its low-density flesh. Under the deep sea the fish looks normal because the pressure compresses it to normal state.


Male giraffes often drink the urine of a female to determine if she is fertile in a process known as flehmen response.


Pigs can ejaculate for up to a surprising 6 to 30 minutes continuously.


Dead whales that wash up to the beach can bloat so large that the pressure can cause it to explode splattering all its innards out.

On Newfoundland’s beach a stranded blue whale was found dead. The tongue of this 50-feet long whale as seen in the image above was bloated to immense proportions.


Hippopotamuses secrete an oily red liquid that acts as sunblock and moisturizer. Despite what most people think, they do not sweat blood.